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Howdy, and welcome to Kelsey’s Notes. I have been making and failing at launching blogs for about 6 years (best 2015) finding my thing has been the true feat.

I have a couple that I have kept going for a long period of time, but over all I have wasted probably 20+ sites.

It’s taken me until now to realize I am an amazing learner – it might be my super power. To learn new concepts and fully understand them. When I apply myself, even I am surprised sometimes, but here is a quick run down of super-learning-accomplishments that I think lend to the credibility of giving you my notes & why I think they could help someone else.

  • Learned blog and website design and development on my own (perfect, maybe not, but effective is what counts right?)
  • Became a Journeyman Gas Fitter in 2 years, recognized how silly it was that I be doing that and walked.
  • Learned financially accounting for Corporate Month End Reporting (I am no where near level expert and don’t expect to without taking courses, which I am not, but damn I am proud of the shit I have learnt at the pace I have learnt it).
  • My personal enthusiasm for fitness could lead me in the direct of personal training, or at least advocating against all the stupid people, trying to sell you stupid shit that won’t have you shedding pounds. For those in the back – if you’re not losing weight, you’re not in a deficit. Also exercise, HIIT, cardio, etc are not a requirement of losing weight – nutrition is (rant over).
  • I took of NFT’s recently and BOOM – I am good at notes. I should share this shit.



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